What Kind Of Plans Are Required?

All plans must include the name, address, stamp and signature of the architect, engineer, designer or other person preparing the plans. No marked-over or altered plans will be accepted. If major revisions are necessary or additional information is required, the original drawings must be corrected and resubmitted.

Completeness and clarity of the drawings is essential. Remember that the plan checker can only review your plans to the level of the information you supply. Your plans would be considered complete if you could give them to a total stranger and he/she could understand how the building will be constructed and what the finished project will look like. Incomplete and unclear plans can delay issuance of your permit.

Information Required On Drawings

Plan size shall be 18 inches by 24 inches minimum and 24 inches by 36 inches maximum. Plot plans must be included in plans for any work which alters the exterior of an existing structure or any new buildings. Plot plans must show all property lines and lot dimensions. Front, rear and side setback distances to buildings shall be noted along with the building's exterior dimensions. Show all covered patios, porches and roof overhangs. Indicate all public and private easements and underground utility lines. Show proposed and existing gas and electric meter locations. Plot plans should be drawn to a scale of 1/8" = 1'-0" or 1" = 10'-0".

Foundation plans which include a typical footing section must be drawn for all new construction or first floor additions. Indicate the location and size of under-floor access (except for slab-on-grade type construction).

Floor plans must show all walls, plumbing fixtures, door, windows, skylights, major appliances, kitchen counters, furnace and water heater locations. Door and window sizes must be indicated and room dimensions must be shown. Ceiling heights can be noted in the plans or in detail sections. Electrical receptacles, switches, fans, smoke detectors and light fixtures may be shown on the floor plan if sufficient clarity is maintained, or may be shown on a separate electrical plan. Attic access location and size, stairway width, landing size and the rise and run of stairs must be noted. Fireplace location and hearth sizes must be noted.

Framing plans must indicate the sizes of floor joists and girders, ceiling joists and roof rafters or beams, lumber grade, direction and spacing. If you are using main beams, trusses or any unconventional framing, structural calculations and details must be submitted. These calculations and details must be stamped and signed by a licensed architect or engineer.

Floor plans, wall elevations, foundation and framing plans must be drawn to a minimum scale of 1/4" = 1'-0".

Four exterior elevations are required which show windows, doors, skylights and architectural finish features, along with chimney extensions, under-floor and attic venting location and sizes. Height of buildings must be indicated and the daylight plane lines indicated to show compliance with zoning regulations.

Duct work and piping plans will be required to indicate water supply and drainage piping sizes, gas supply line locations and sizes, flue locations and sizes and piping materials. This information may be shown on the basic floor plan if sufficient clarity can be maintained.

Do I Need An Architect Or Engineer?

There are instances when you must have a professional's help on your project. Some examples:

There are instances when you are not required to but should seriously consider retaining a professional to help you with your project. Some examples:

How Many Copies Of The Plans Do I Need?

The number of plan sets required is based on the number of agencies that must review your project. Please refer to section titled "Plan Set Requirements". One set will be returned to the permit applicant as the "JOB COPY", one duplicate set will be retained by the jurisdiction, and if the project involves the addition of square footage, one set, by law, must be retained for the County Assessor.

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