Do I Need A Permit?

A building permit is required for any new construction, demolition, remodeling, expansion, addition or repair to a structure.

Work requiring a permit includes (but is not limited to) additions, swimming pools, hot tubs, trellises, carports, sheds, skylights, covered patios, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, termite repairs, solar panels and most interior and exterior remodeling work. Additional sub-permits may also be required for plumbing, heating & cooling, re-roofing and electrical work.

Construction undertaken without a permit may be subject to a penalty on all required permits and may involve dismantling or uncovering completed work to provide access for inspection. If you are in doubt as to whether a permit is required for your project, call the local building department before starting the work.

Are Construction Plans Required?

If you asked the question, they probably are. In order to approve your building permit application the plan checker or building inspector needs to have a clear picture of your project. You must always assume that someone other than yourself is going to do the construction. Very minor work, such as dry rot repair, usually does not require plans. Kitchen and bathroom remodels, removal or addition of walls, exterior changes, additions, will all require plans.

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