Collapsed Masonry Chimney - Masonry chimneys, like the one shown above, can easily collapse during a quake. Reinforcing the attic floor with APA panels can reduce the chances of damage and injury due to falling bricks. While the chimney shown fell outside the house, a second chimney fell inside and destroyed a bedroom ceiling.

Masonry chimneys are sometimes built on their own foundations and are not always structurally tied to the house. It can be difficult to strengthen them and they frequently collapse during earthquakes. One of the best ways to minimize damage from a collapsing chimney is to install structural wood panels on the attic floor. The panels will help stop falling bricks from crashing through the ceiling and into the home.

MATERIALS - 23/32" APA Rated Sheathing

HARDWARE - 8d nails.


Beginnng along the wall next to the chimney, nail panels to ceiling joists. If the chimney is not alng a wall, begin next to the chimney itself. Install nails 6 inches o.c., making sure panels lie flat and flush. Where necessary, trim panels to fit around the chimney and ceiling edges.

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