Bolting sills to slab-on-grade foundations requires removal of exterior siding or interior plaster or wallboard. The code requirements for bolting slab-on-grade foundations are the same as those for poured concrete foundation walls and the job is done in the same way. Mechanical wedge anchor bolts are the only hardware needed.


Once the sill plate is bolted to the foundation, shear wall hold-down anchors should be installed at each corner of the house. While anchor bolts help keep a building seated on its foundation, shear wall hold-down anchors help prevent walls from overturning. A steel bracket, like the one pictured in Figure G, is recommended. Anchor bolts are suggested for attaching the brackets to the foundation. Lag screws or machine bolts can be used to fasten the brackets to wall framing (Figure G).

FIGURE G - Shear Wall Hold-down Anchor

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