It is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Inspection Services Division prior to covering any work that needs inspection. Obviously not all of the following inspections will apply to every job. If you are uncertain as to which inspections pertain to the project you are undertaking, we urge you to check with the Inspection Services Division before covering up any work. Failure to call for a required inspection may result in your having to dismantle completed work to expose the area in question for inspection.

Foundation (forms) Slab Joist or Girder Floor Insulation
Roof Sheathing Exterior Sheathing Exterior Lath (stucco wire) Frame
Wall Insulation Building Inspections Sheetrock (drywall)
Tile Lath Plumbing Radiant Heat Shower Pan
Gas Fitting Electrical Sheet Metal Roofing

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Building Inspections

Foundation (forms) - After grading, forming and steel placement is completed; trenches are cleaned out; and before pouring any concrete.

Slab - After grading, forming and steel placement is completed; trenches are cleaned out; after all piping, conduit, etc., has been placed and inspected; and before pouring any concrete.

Joist or Girder - After all joists, girders, blocking, plumbing, heat ducts (with required insulation), electrical conduits and wiring have been installed and before any underfloor insulation has been installed.


Floor Insulation - After all underfloor insulation is in place and before any subflooring has been laid.

Roof Sheathing - After all roof sheathing and flashings have been installed and prior to putting on any roofing materials.

Exterior Sheathing - Per approved drawing or per UBC, Chapter 2326.11.3 and Table 23-I-W - Wood Shear Walls and Diaphragms in Seismic Zones 3 and 4.

Exterior Lath (stucco wire) - After all lathing and backing and weep screed is in place.


Frame - After the roof is on and the exterior has been enclosed; framing, fire blocking and bracing is in place; and all pipes, chimneys, plumbing and heating vents and electrical wiring are complete and have been approved.

Wall Insulation - After framing has been approved and insulation is installed.

Sheetrock - After all sheetrock has been installed and corner materials have been affixed, and prior to any taping. Any gaps or cracks exceeding 1/4 inch must be filled before calling for this inspection.


Tile Lath - After paper and wire have been attached and before mortar or tile is installed.

Plumbing Inspections - All plumbing must be tested by filling with water (10 foot head is required), inspected and approved before it is covered up. In addition, the following inspections are required when applicable:

Radiant Heat - Radiant heat piping must be subjected to a pressure test of 200 pounds for 24 hours. After the test is ready it is checked by the Building Inspector and then re-checked by the Inspector in 24 hours.


Shower Pan - The inspection is made after the pan is framed in and hot-mopped or other approved shower pan lining material has been installed. Pan must hold water for 24 hours prior to inspection.

Gas Fitting - Gas line extensions must be subjected to a pressure test and approved before the test gauge is removed. All gas appliances installed on a gas system must be inspected and approved.

Electrical - All electrical wiring must be inspected and approved before any wiring is covered up. All fixtures must be inspected and approved after installation is completed.


Sheet Metal - All flues, vents, heating ducts and chimneys must be inspected and approved after installation and before they are covered up.

Roofing - Call on the day the re-roofing job starts. If job involves a tear-off of old roofing materials, call before installing any new materials.


The telephone number to request inspection is 329-2496.

The approved "Job Copy" of the plans and the "Job Card" (the actual permit) must be on-site and available to the inspector at the time of the inspection. If the approved plans and job card are not on-site, or if the job is not ready for inspection, a reinspection fee of $30 will be charged.

The inspectors' office hours, in case you have a question regarding a specific inspection, are: 7:30 - 8:00 AM, Monday through Thursday, and 1:00 - 1:30 PM, Monday through Friday.