A cableway can be used to carry mine ore from the mine to the railhead as in this photo.
  A cableway is also useful when large distances must be spanned as in this photo.
  If several cables are used, even large loads may be transported.
  But maybe you recognize them in a more familiar form?
If we use the trussed towers from the previous page and some steel cable, we can make another type of structure - a cableway.  The diagram above shows a simple, one car cableway with two towers.  I have indicated that the towers are resisting only compression at their bases.  If this assembly is to be stable, we must add opposing tension forces to the cable as shown.  The depth of the dip in the cable at the car relative to the towers is related to the amount of tension we put in the cable: High tension, small dip; low tension, larger dip.

Let's add a car and see what changes.