Trussed towers are right in our backyard.
  In this closer view, you can see the individual trusses on each face of the tower.
  This communications tower is another example.
  Special bonus points for the person who knows why these are present at the bottom of this steel tower.
  Here is a small example of a trussed column that resists only compression.
  A trussed column can be a tower crane...
  ...or it can also house the fuel lines and elevators that service a space vehicle.
Additional members have been added to the segment of truss from our previous page.  Note that the loads and forces are unchanged.  What if I tip that segment on its end?  What would I have?

In the left diagram, a horizontal force acts on the top of the tower, creating tension and compression forces in the legs.  In the right diagram, only vertical forces act so compression is present at each support.