The Rogue's Gallery

This section is reserved for showing the good, the bad and the ugly side of hold-down use. I'll try to add to it over time as I run across new conditions.

The Good
A hold-down attached to the right member and connected
to a special bolt reserved for that purpose. Good job.

The Bad
Seeing two hold-downs this close together makes you
wonder .  They are picking up the same load...why not
use one hold-down and internail the intersecting members?

All Things Considered
Named because we have a collision of purposes here.  The
shear wall is already short, the hold-downs sizable. It would
have been preferable to avoid cutting the sill in half with the
radiant heating feeds. This is a coordination issue.

The Ugly
When the hold-down at the upper left exerts a pull,
the beam is going to want to pull upwards.  The
short segment of stud above must be nailed to the
4x edge member to resist that force.  20-16d's?
More? Kindling Anyone?

So Close...
To be fair, I returned to the site later in construction to
find another section of 2nd floor above.  The threaded
rod will still have a difficult time mating with a connector
in the upper floor's stud wall.