Improvements You Can Make

Sheathing Grade - Using Structural I sheathing for low shear installations is a waste of money. Use the Structural II / CDX panel that meets your shear requirements. Its durability will be comparable in all respects to the higher priced panel.

Hold-down Type - Regardless of particular manufacturer or style, the best hold-down is one that stays out of the way of your sheathing nailing. It should exert a simple axial force on the tiedown stud to avoid wrenching the important end studs out of position during use. My vote is for exclusive use of the HD type hold-downs.

Hold-down Positions
In this construction, the cripple studs have been replaced with metal hangers
at the header and framing clips at the window sill. This clears the way for the
hold-down to be moved to the opposite side of the end post.  The increase
in distance between hold-downs increases the resisting moment oof the wall
and may permit you to reduce the size of your hold-down.  Also, the edge
members of the wall are more clearly defined.