The American Plywood Association is a nonprofit trade association whose member mills produce approximately 80 percent of the structural wood panel products manufactured in the United States and a significant percentage of panels produced in Canada.

The Association's trademarks appear only on products manufactured by member mills. The marks signify that the manufacturer is committed to APA's rigorous program of quality inspection and testing and that panel quality is subject to verification through APA audit.

The audit procedures verify that the manufacturer is in conformance with APA's standards, set forth in APA PRP-108 Performance Standards and Policies for Structural-Use Panels, or with the Department of Commerce U.S. Product Standard PS 1-83 for Construction and industrial Plywood.

APA's services go far beyond quality testing and inspection. Research and promotion programs play important roles in developing and improving plywood and other panel construction systems, and in helping users and specifiers to better understand and apply panel products.

Always insist on panels bearing the mark of quality - the APA trademark. Your APA panel purchase is not only your highest possible assurance of product quality, but an investment in the many trade services that APA provides on your behalf.


While nothing will make a home completely earthquake-proof, the measures outlined in this brochure can make a house more earthquake resistant. For more information on structural wood panels in seismic design applications, ask for the following APA publications:

APA Design/Construction Guide: Diaphragms, [Form L350] $1.00

APA Design/Construction Guide: Residential & Commercial, [Form E30] $2.00

APA Product Guide: Grades & Specifications, [Form J20] $2.00

The panel use recommendations in this publication are based on the American Plywood Association's continuing program of laboratory testing, product research and comprehensive field experience. However, because the Association has no control over quality of workmanship or the conditions under which panel products are used, it cannot accept responsibility for panel performance or design as actually constructed.

For information about other American Plywood Association publications, contact:

APA - The Engineered Wood Association
P.O.Box 11700-0700, Tacoma, WA 98411
or one of the regional field offices listed below:

440 Northlake Center, Suite 211
Dallas, Texas 75238-4418
(214) 348-0643 FAX: (213) 348-3424

2130 Barrett Park Drive, Suite 102
P.O.Box 440069
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-3681
(404) 427-9371 FAX: (404) 423-1703

7011 So. 19th Street
P.O.Box 11700
Tacoma, Washington 98411-0700
(206) 565-6600 FAX: (206) 565-7265
Offices in Antwerp, Belgium; London, United Kingdom; Madrid, Spain;
Hamburg, Germany; Tokyo, Japan. For Caribbean/Latin American
offices, contact the headquarters offices in Tacoma.

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The information contained in this file is provided for your use and is not for redistribution. The scanning process (conversion from published document to ASCII text) does introduce errors (dropped, added or altered characters) in the converted document. While I have made every effort to review the content for correctness, please refer to the original documents from APA - The Engineered Wood Association before using this information in actual design. Because APA and American Wood Systems have no control over quality of workmanship or the conditions under which structural panels and engineered wood products are used, those organizations cannot accept responsibility for product performance or designs as actually constructed. - Scott McVicker, S.E.